Why leaving office ‘on’ time is still a problem in most of the Indian companies??

Why leaving office ‘on’ time is still a problem in most of the Indian companies??

This is something I have witnessed lot of times or should I say I have suffered little too much for such expectations from my company.

I was 21 when I started working, fortunately I started working in a German based company. So I had learnt the right work ethics and culture, coming on time to work, taking proper break and then leave office on time. I think, if we do have the right culture at work then we tend to be happy about things around us and be more efficient as well. So Efficiency is what I have learned in my early work experience. Nobody told me to be efficient but when you have the right ethics you automatically learn the right thing.

Then after several years, I landed in an small Company that paid be well. However, things are completely different here, neither I have seen nor experienced any of the things happening in any of my previous organizations. People do not value or respect their time nor others time, as things never happen on time as planned.

Initially when I started working proper shift and spent time at my work station instead of any training. As I mentioned earlier, I believe in efficient working, so I stick to my work station for 9 hours, so that I can leave on time.

Few days later, I could see people whispering whenever I packed my bags after my shift gets over. I did not notice that initially but then there was a day when a colleague said ‘Are you leaving early today’? Then I realized that it is hard to stick in such a company where leaving on time is a crime, you have to unlearn everything and learn to work some extra hours, as those extra hours signifies efficiency in such company.

I felt abandoned as no one really valued the effort I put in to complete my work on time. When I say hard work, every body does hard work to save their job, but I have seen people very smartly going on end number of tea break and smoke break and then work extra 2-3 hours daily to get noticed by managers for the so-called extra efforts.

My manager told me to do longer shift when I am paid for only 9 hours, I said I will work extra provided I am paid overtime for the extra hours. Did I ask for something too much??

I had the ability to complete the same work in 9 hours that others take to complete 12 hours or even more. But then I was judged for the working hours and not my capability or efficiency.

I struggled to make them understand this for a year and a half, then happened the worst thing that I have ever witnessed in my life at work. I was called for a meeting and I was asked to leave the same day. They did not give me any reason for the termination, just made me satisfied by saying that ‘Performance at work was not the reason’ for the termination . I am still trying to understand what went wrong for them to take such a harsh decision.

Yes, such things happen. But I am happy that I was great at work and was happy , at home. I had a good social life and I have spent quality time with my family (very Important). I have not done anything that does not make sense to me or to die at work just to save my job. I had a plan B and here I am today telling you my story.

Understand that few things are very difficult to accept. Then you are left with 2 choice, CHANGE OR ACCEPT, if it can be changed, then that is great but if not better accept it because once you accept it, everything will gradually start making sense.

Till then take care and stay positive !! Comment below and share your opinion and your story with me.

Disclaimer: This content includes my personal experience only.

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